THE BEGINNING: Cold Hands and A New Jacket Design

THE BEGINNING: Cold Hands and A New Jacket Design

Cold hands, a Dremel® and a zippy new design – they may sound like an unlikely combination, but it is from these ingredients that Constant Mountain first came to life. Constant Mountain was born on a cold day by the side of a soccer field. I was bundled in a zip-up as I watched my youngest daughter play, but it was missing something.

I wanted to warm my hands in the comfort of that continuous “kangaroo” style pocket that you find on pullover hooded sweatshirts. Why not wear a pullover hoodie then? Ever spent a day pulling one on and off and hoping this time, maybe this one time, would be the time it doesn’t take your shirt along with it? Call me a dreamer, but why couldn’t I have the best of both? Hoodie comfort + zip-up style and convenience. The next generation hoodie. Except it didn’t exist. But I was determined to have one.

The key would be a new kind of zipper, allowing for a continuous pocket when closed but a normal zip operation to open. With a Dremel®, some epoxy and a dream of toasty warm hands, I set to work on modifying some off-the-shelf zip-ups. I made an ill-fated attempt to relearn 3D modeling and wore out a 3D printer. I even learned how to sew! After learning more about zippers than I had thought possible, it became clear that I’d have to make this myself. Months and over a dozen design iterations later, I landed on the concept that worked. And after an ardent search I found one brave domestic tool maker ready to take on the challenge of our patented new design.

And so Constant Mountain became a reality. It’s the perfect mash-up of comfort and style. It’s top quality, durable and one of kind.

For all of you out there who believe in keeping it cozy and looking good doing it – this one’s for us.