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The Origin

Constant Mountain's journey began with a simple yet innovative idea on a chilly Saturday morning. It was during a soccer game, watching my daughter play in the early spring cold, that the concept took root. I wished for a regular jacket that could offer the warmth and coziness of a pull-over hooded sweatshirt. This desire stemmed from the need for practicality – the constant on-and-off routine of a hoodie didn't fit our busy schedule. Surprisingly, I couldn't find such a jacket for sale anywhere.

Determined to bridge this gap in the market, I took matters into my own hands, quite literally. A sewing machine was purchased, and prototypes began to take shape. While the initial creations left much to be desired, the core concept shone through. The idea was straightforward yet revolutionary: a jacket that seamlessly blended the warmth of a hoodie with the convenience of a regular jacket.

Fast forward a few years, and the Constant Mountain H2, our flagship product, was born. It features our unique dual zipper technology, offering a pass-through pocket when fully zipped, merging the best of both worlds. Today, Constant Mountain stands not only for innovation but also for sustainability and community. We're the pioneers of a fashion revolution, envisioning a world where style transcends boundaries. Join us as we continue to sculpt lifestyles, one innovative jacket at a time.


-Howard White
Founder of Constant Mountain





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