Life is a Constant Mountain. Enjoy the View.

Life is a Constant Mountain. Enjoy the View.

Life is a Constant Mountain. Enjoy the View.

Life is a Constant Mountain. Enjoy the View.

Life is a Constant Mountain. Enjoy the View.

Life is a Constant Mountain. Enjoy the View.


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Constant Mountain believes in innovative products, enduring style, responsible production, and building our communities. Life is a constant mountain. Let’s enjoy the view together.

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      Where does your investment in a Constant Mountain jacket go?

      Your choice of a Constant Mountain jacket is an investment in our values as well as your comfort. Since we’ve always believed that honesty is the best policy, transparency in everything from our production process to our pricing is important to us. So here’s a look at where your dollars go when you buy Constant Mountain.


      Typically, labor to produce clothing is less than 5% of an item’s price. For our jackets, labor represents more than 7 times that. Why? Because Constant Mountain chooses to source as locally as possible. The garment makers who construct our jackets live and work in Atlanta, GA USA, and their skills and experience are critical for our more complicate, patented construction. They are talented makers whose craftsmanship has even been showcased on the backs of superheroes on the silver screen and committed partners for the Constant Mountain brand.


      The search for the right fabric for the H2 jacket took more than a year of research and testing. We believe that quality products start with quality materials and from prototype to production, we’ve received consistent feedback on how much wearers love the feel of the jacket. Our current fabric selections are ethically sourced from Shaoxing, China. Click here to read more on why. Our signature Constant Mountain zippers were designed in Georgia, die cast in Missouri and finished in our perfect shade of orange in Indiana.


      Constant Mountain began as the seed of an idea on how to be more comfortable in everyday life, and we believe that’s something to be shared with everyone. Building a new product and a new brand from the ground up isn’t easy or inexpensive, so we’re working hard to get the word out!

      Fixed Costs

      All businesses have fixed costs, and we’re no different. As a start-up, we are focused on running as lean as possible.

      Reinvested Margin

      All for profit businesses, whatever their values and operating skills, must make a profit to survive and grow. Because Constant Mountain has no outside investors, our growth is fueled by the reinvestment of profits and ultimately dictated by our sales and how the market judges the value of our products.


      One question that I am sometimes asked is why Constant Mountain doesn’t offer free shipping. My answer is always the same: we don’t offer free shipping because it doesn’t exist. It doesn’t exist because of the 1st Law of Thermodynamics.Confused? Stay with me for a minute and I’ll explain.

      The first law of thermodynamics, also known as the law of conservation of energy, states that energy can neither be created or destroyed, only transformed. When I first heard it explained by my college professor, I too was confused. So, he put it a different way: β€œThere’s no such thing as a free lunch.” I’m not sure I fully understood it even then, but it boils down to one simple fact. Everything has a cost. Everything. Cynical? Maybe. Fact? For sure.

      Now, those costs are often obscured from view, sometimes intentionally. Or in the retail world, most of the time intentionally. Take for example the free sample at the grocery store. Its purpose is to get you to buy whatever you are sampling. That sample must be paid for by someone. Who’s that someone? In reality, it’s all the β€œsomeones” who buy the product. So, if you buy that product, you paid for the sample. Even if you don’t buy that particular product, there is a high likelihood that you may buy something else made by that same manufacturer – so in the end, it’s still you. You are the someone. We all are.

      The same is true for β€œfree” shipping. It’s not truly free. You are paying for it. It’s just that rather than being itemized out, it’s added to the cost of the item. We could do the same at Constant Mountain. I thought about it. We may even do it in the future. The thing is that I don’t like telling you it’s free when it really isn’t.

      For now, we are adding shipping to the cost when you checkout, and letting you choose how quickly you want it delivered. And If I ever decide to include the cost of shipping in the price, I won’t call it β€œfree”. We’ll just say, β€œshipping included”.